After starting her musical education on the piano, Claire Piganiol studied recorder and modern harp in the Conservatoire de la Vallée de Chevreuse near Paris (France), where she also discovered historical harps during a course. Her fascination for these nowadays little-played instruments led her to musical studies in Milano, Toulouse and Basel, where she obtained a Master in early harps in 2012. 

A Master in instruments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance directed by Kees Boeke at the Musikhochschule Trossingen allowed her to specialize in these repertoires; besides, academic studies in history and in musicology (Maîtrise in Université Paris-Sorbonne, France) gave her the opportunity to start research work on the iconography, organology and playing techniques of her instruments.

Claire participates in several ensembles in France and abroad: ensembles Tetraktys, Gilles Binchois, Le Miroir de Musique, Isabella, Le Parlement de Musique, Akadêmia, Millenium Orchestra, Kesselberg…

She has performed at various venues, such as festivals
Oude Muziek Utrecht, Laus Polyphoniae Antwerpen, Festival de Beaune, Wunderkammer Trieste, Festival de Davos, Festtage Basel, Festival international de musiques sacrées de Fribourg, Musiksommer am Zürichsee; the Opera of Lille, Luzerner Theater, Semperoper Dresden ; castle of Versailles, Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris or the Einsiedeln monastery. Ensemble Duvinsela, with whom she plays the double harp, has won the first prize of the Biagio Marini competition in August 2014.

Wishing to make early instruments and repertoires more easily available to present-day audiences and musicians, amateurs and professionals alike, she regularly teaches courses and workshops. She is a faculty member of the
International Course on Medieval Music Performance in Besalú, Spain, and of the Historical harps workshop in Rangendingen, Germany.