Courses 2019

21 - 23 June: early harps course in Rangendingen (De)

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The Rangendingen early harps course takes place every year in and around a beautiful 17th century house in the heart of the Black Forest.
The course offers several programmes:
- medieval and gothic harps for beginners with Atsuko Kleinmann
- Renaissance music on the harp for intermediate and advanced students with Claire Piganiol
- baroque double and triple harps, intermediate and advanced students with Monika Mandelartz

Harps are available for rental for the duration of the course. Single or shared rooms can be booked in a small hotel directly next to the course’s location.

The presentation flyer is in German but don’t hesitate to contact us in English as well for any questions!

6 - 13 July: early harps and recorder academy in Ollans (Fr)

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Informations in French (I would recommend some knowledge of French to attend the course):

L’académie musicale d’Ollans a lieu tous les étés dans un très beau château en Franche-Comté près de Besançon. Elle s’adresse aux musiciens préprofessionnels et amateurs et propose des cours collectifs et individuels d’interprétation par discipline, des cours de musique de chambre ainsi que des concerts quotidiens donnés par les stagiaires et les professeurs.

Le stage de harpe s’adresse
- aux instrumentistes jouant déjà sur harpes anciennes (simple, double ou triple),
- aux harpistes jouant d’autres types de harpe et souhaitant s’initier, soit à la harpe ancienne, soit aux répertoires anciens et à la basse continue sur harpe moderne,
- selon les places disponibles, à des stagiaires souhaitant s’initier à la harpe.
Des instruments pourront être disponibles sur place (me contacter par l’intermédiaire de l’académie). 

Le programme portera sur les répertoires des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles en solo et en ensemble : étude des pièces originales pour harpe, enrichir son répertoire par l’adaptation d’oeuvres pour clavier ou luth, utilisation de la harpe en ensemble.
Répertoire solo libre, je peux si vous le souhaitez vous envoyer du matériel avant le stage. 

15 - 20 July: course on medieval music performance in Besalú (Es)
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Course dedicated to the performance of monophonic and polyphonic repertoires composed between 1100 and 1300. The Course combines medieval music theory classes, ensemble playing, and individual lessons on singing and different musical instruments (harp, fiddle, percussions, portative organ, citole).
The course takes place in Besalú, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia (Spain).

Group classes: English and Spanish Individual classes: language agreed with the teacher

18 - 26 August: « Settimana Musicale del Trecento », Arezzo (It)
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The third international study week of Trecento music will be held in the city of Arezzo from August 12th to 20th 2018. A specialized course in medieval music under the expert guidance of Kees Boeke (Ensemble Tetraktys, fiddle, recorder ), Claudia Caffagni (Ensemble laReverdie, medieval lute, medieval notation), Jill Feldman (voice) and Claire Piganiol (medieval harps, portative organ).

We offer courses in fourteenth-century musical notation, analysis and use of instrumentation, with special emphasis on the relationship between poetic text and music. On a practical level, courses are held for medieval ensemble including voice, medieval lute and harp, fiddle, organetto and recorders.
The week will take place in the Locanda di San Pier Piccolo, a former Benedictine monastery, in the heart of the city of Guido Monaco.